Caged in New Orleans

Nicolas Cage's recent arrest in New Olreans has been a dissapointing turn for the Oscar winning actor. Cage was spotted being abusive to his wife and even taunted the cops to arrest him. No doubt the actors personal life has already affected his career: his financial issues have resulted in a devestating drop in the quality of his work. "Season of the Witch", "Ghost Rider", and "Drive Angry" are all farcries from his older classics like "Adaptation", "Gone in Sixty Seconds", and "The Rock". The question for cage fans is....can we expect a rebound for the belleaguerd actor? I say yes. Given the poor critical and financial turnout of his recent efforts (Ghost Rider being the exception) its likely the studios will stop giving the green light on bogus cage flics. Anticipate a blockbuster soon. Maybe even an oscar nom.

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Mrs. Dermigny said...

Hi Honey! Very interesting article about Nic Cage! By the way we forgot to re-fill your prescription of preparation H last week. Also you're adopted, and request a review of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.